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Bebo is a group of people that operates business establishment in Georgia and developing projects in Sweden, Norway, UK, India, Zimbabwe, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa. We have business activities in agriculture, production, reproduction, import, export, start up, End-to-end, business strategy, marketing strategy. Bebo provides foreign and local investors with co-investment or partnership opportunities as well as, providing fund raising (funding), developing and assisting in growing of projects with the help of local professionals and partners, solving bureaucratic obstacles and assist with compliance of local financial and legal requirements. We offer investors a range of exclusive, profitable projects. With our vast network of contacts, reliable reputation and local connections, our team of professionals will help investors reach the success they expect in projects.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your business

Business Development

From idea and planning to full scale commercialization of products and services. Regardless of your DTC business development assignment, our 6-step “Biz Dev” process guarantees results.

Consumer Marketing

With wide range of consultancy services within Direct-to-Consumer Marketing discipline, such as DM, SEO, SEM, Social Media and more we take your marketing profitability to all new level.

Marketing Analytics

With extensive experience and know how in advanced analytics developments, data and text mining expertise we transform available information into knowledge – your most valuable asset!

Board Advisory

When your Direct-to-Consumer business needs seasoned experience to assist your current members of the board of directors our Board Advisory services is the right answer.

Digitalisation & IT

The digital age is well and truly here, and when it comes to digital business transformation it is not a matter of if, but when. The right IT infrastructure can optimise operations, improve productivity and accelerate growth.

Growth & Innovation

Similarly successful innovation is not a “happy accident” but a systemic capability that requires the right processes, systems and culture to support it. Bebo helps organisations innovate for growth.

Our Clients

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We turn real people’s real needs into new business opportunities, at a pace that secures our clients’ competitive advantage in a fast moving world.

We think it’s fair to conclude that “we need to change the way we change” . More specifically we need to question our own conventional thinking, anecdotal best practice and never put “change management” on autopilot.

All change is driven by people. Not stakeholders, resources or FTE’s. People. So start with them. Who are they? What are their dreams, frustrations, passions, purpose?Be truly interested in exploring that. And let your approach to change be coloured by what you learn.

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